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australian babies do not drink breast milk as infants but rather a giant family goon bag

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Seriously I know that boobs are beautiful and sexy and everything, but really, it’s just some organic jiggling baby feeders. No need to hide them or be ashamed or over-sexualize them. 



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I shouldn’t have to tag this for NSFW, So I won’t.

Probably if more girls would do this, we could adapt more like not calling them sexual organs lol Remember that some guys are assholes too, so prepare to get yelled at or possibly touched :/ We should get rid of the problem (those guys) instead of forcing bras or bikinis….

I went to church with a lady that went to do missionary work in Africa (I think it was Africa.) and they had classes on how they needed to dress and stuff. And at one point she made a joke about wearing turtlenecks and the teacher said “Darlin, you could walk around topless for all the men are going to care.”

This woman is “stacked” “buxom”… she has big titties okay?

And she said “Really??”

And the teacher explained. “Breasts are for babies in most parts of the world. It’s only in America and a few other places that Breasts are seen as sexual. Breasts to men of the country we are going to are for babies and only for babies. Now… your ass on the other hand… you’re gonna need some long skirts with a high waist, cause they notice the booty.”

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I wanna live in Africa

I totally love the idea of being able to go around completely topless without all the stigma… but idk about boobs = BABIES ONLY…. I mean, I kinda like it when people squeeze/suck/bite my nipples . __.

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“Capitalism is a big bag of dicks.”
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dont tell me what to do

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“Most days
I feel defeated,
like I’ve
been up for
hundreds of years
and I haven’t even
left my bed yet.”
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Some people take this website to seriously. 


I will never get over this joke

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Do not want to get out of bed do by want to do things do not want to fulfill responsibilities do not want to exist today

again; my life.


*laughs while actually getting feelings hurt*

my life

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the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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order a fucking pizza with me and watch a fucking shitty film with me and play with my fucking hair and wear my fucking tees to bed and fall asleep in my fucking arms you fucking fuck 

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